Review of Genius Gluten Free Lemon Cupcakes

Now, it’s not easy to find a cake that is safe to eat when you follow a dairy and lactose free diet. The rapid development of the free from market has resulted in ever expanding sections in the supermarket aisles. This is of course a good thing, sadly it can often still be difficult to find suitable cakes as many are gluten free but contain dairy. So when I heard that Genius produced cupcakes that were both gluten and milk free I confess I was a tad excited. They come in two flavours chocolate and lemon and have been available for quiet some time. I’ve just not round to undertaking my review of them until now that is. So, I decided to review their lemon cupcakes. They come in an plastic container which is easy to reseal. The is wrapped around with a small card which is orange with a yellow border. I should say you get 2 cakes per packet. Each cake contains 315 calories, 30.0g of fat, 24.4g of sugar, and 0.54g of salt.

On opening the packet the first thing I noted was the good serving of cream icing to the top of the cupcake. Under this I could just see a small amount of cream coloured sponge. I couldn’t really smell any lemon aroma but the cake looked so inviting I just wanted to dive in.
On bitting into the cake I was immediately hit by the contrast in textures from the cake. I got the initial crunch and then smooth slight creaminess from the icing. This was followed by a light bouncy texture from the sponge below. The combination of textures worked really well together. I have to be confess to being suprised by the texture of the cakes sponge. I thought it might be slightly dry and hard going because it was gluten free. Genius certainly proved me wrong here. Oh then finally into the flavour that was spot on too, there was a subtle hint of lemon noted without it being too strong overpowering, or artificial in flavouring. So if you follow a gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, or milk free diet why not give these a try. So thank you Genius for proving me wrong and for producing a nice lemon cupcake that I can enjoy.

14 thoughts on “Review of Genius Gluten Free Lemon Cupcakes

    • They are lovely too, but I personally prefer the lemon cupcakes. It’s great to have an easy to find cake which as you say doesn’t crumble too much or as with some other gluten free cakes is a bit hard going.

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