Review of Orgran Gluten Free Kids Outback Animals Chocolate Cookies

I am always on the hunt for new sweet treats to enjoy that are suitable for dairy / lactose free diet. One item I constantly try to find is new biscuits. Although Waitrose bourbons are still a firm favourite it’s good to have new alternatives. I discovered these Orgran kids biscuits a while ago on Ocado. I got excited because I could have them, they were chocolate cookies and because they were fun animal shapes. So, yes I do have to confess to being a kid really.

So these biscuits come in a 175g box which has cute pictures of Australian animals on. They are clearly labelled as being suitable for a variety of allergies and food intolerances. These particular cookies are nut, soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, and year free as well as being suitable for vegans. On opening the box you are greeted by a clear film bag which you can see the cookies in. You can reseal the lid of the box, I personally found this a little difficult to do and it didn’t really seal the box. I would recommend that you get a small clip to seal the film bag to stop the biscuits going stale. On taking the cookies from the packaging you find 4 cute biscuit characters which all have names. My favourite is Krissy Kangaroo. The biscuits or cookies as they are called are reasonably sized and a nice rich brown colour. I felt guilty only for a brief second about biting into the animal shaped biscuits, sorry cookies. I found a nice crunch on bitting into the cookies. This was followed by a subtle but not overpowering chocolatey flavour. I found them to be very mourish and kept going back into the box to eat more with a nice cup of tea. My only criticism if there had to be one was they were slightly dry. However, I think it was because I ate too many in one sitting ?. So if you have children or are a grown up wishing to enjoy a sweet treat why not give these a try. I personally think that if you follow a particular free from diet that means you have to exclude any of the following, nut, soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, yeast or are a vegan they are defintley worth a try. So thank you Organ for producing a cute chocolate cookie that I can enjoy.

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