Review of Alpro Soya Single Cream

Well still continuing with the Wimbledon theme, I thought I should review another cream that is suitable for my dietary needs. So today it’s the turn of Alpro soya single cream. It’s labelled as being free from dairy, gluten and wheat, whilst also being suitable for vegans. The cream is UHT and comes in a 250ml carton. The design of the carton is simple with a picture of cream cascading onto two strawberries, so very apt for Wimbledon. I personally liked the screw cap which was made it easy to open and reseal. A 100g contains 169 calories, 16.8g of fat, 1.6g of sugar and 0.14g of salt.

On opening the carton I smelt a very feint aroma which was slightly nutty. On pouring the cream it was thin in consistency but not runny. It was pale cream in colour and had a close resemblance to ‘normal’ single cream.
I tried this cream both with strawberries and as part of cooking a savoury dish. On tasting tasting the cream alone I felt that it had a nutty flavour coming through and it was slightly bland compared to other creams I’ve tried. That said it worked as a part of my version of eton mess. However, there was still the nutty twang there. On a positive note it’s low calories which means that I can have little of the cream with strawberries when on my fasting day on the 5:2 diet. I felt that this cream worked better as an element of a hot savoury dish, with the nuttiness not impacting on its flavour. In fact I personally feel that this cream has been one of the better alternative creams when cooking. So if like me you follow a dairy /lactose free diet, are gluten, wheat free or vegan why not give this cream a go. Who knows like me you may find it works better as part a hot savoury dish. So thank you Alpro for producing a good alternative soya cream.

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