Review of Kinnerton 4 solid chocolate lollies

Now, like most people I like chocolate. I am always on the look out for new chocolate to try that is dairy and lactose free. I discovered these lollies a little while ago but haven’t got round to posting a review. They come in a pack of 4 and have no information with regards to their calorie, fat, sugar or salt content. But hey they’re a treat and you don’t need to know the calorie content of everything you eat. More importantly they are dairy, gluten, wheat, egg and nut fee. They are clearly labelled as 4 solid dark chocolate lollies for allergy sufferers.
To me they are the perfect size for a sneekie sweet treat to hit that chocolate craving. They are also a perfect treat size for children. I love the 3 colours of foil wrapping that you get. It’s great fun and makes them even more appealing. I personally like the orange foil. Now onto the chocolate itself. The foil is easy to open and reveals a good size circle of dark chocolate on a white lolly stick. The chocolate itself looks rich and indulgent yet simplistic.
When I first saw these I couldn’t wait to dive in, but wasn’t sure how to eat them. So I simply bit a little of at a time and even tried sucking the chocolate as if it was a real lolly. I’m still not sure what is the best way to eat them, but who cares. I found the chocolate to be a little rich with a good coco taste, but without bring to strong or overpowering. It melted nicely in my mouth with a nice smooth non grainy texture. I really enjoyed it. The portion size was also spot on for me. What more can I say that I think it’s a great fun safe way for many with dietary restrictions can enjoy a piece of chocolate. It’s a fun design that both children and adults can enjoy. So thanks to Kinnerton for producing a chocolate lolly that can be enjoyed by many.

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