Review of Primark Home 20 re-useable ice cubes

Well, it’s certainly very warm here in the UK at the moment. I don’t normally post about lifestyle items but I thought I would share these. Whilst waiting to meet up with a friend in town I happened to be near a Primark so I popped in. I found myself in the household section, where you can often find a bargain. I stumbled across these boxes of ice cubes for a £1.

Now we have a small freezer and I love to have ice in my water all year round. This can be problematic as a bag of ice cubes fills up one of our freezers 3 draws. So these seemed like the perfect solution. They are little plastic shapes filled with a fluid that freezes and you place in a cold drink. Being small meant that I could place them into a small sandwich bag in the freezer. I placed them in the freezer overnight to await the results. They froze well and didn’t clump together which I often find is a problem with ice cubes. I added 4 to a glass of water in which they floated.
So what did I think ? Well they made a pretty addition to my water and they did indeed cool the water down. Not so much as traditional ice cubes but then they didn’t melt into the drink. I personally found it a little strange on sipping the water as they came in contact with my mouth. They didn’t affect the taste of the water though. I am sure I will get used to this over time. Once the drink is finished you can simply rinse them under the tap and place them back into the freezer again. So in summary a great alternative to ice cubes that are a bargain for a £1.

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