Review of Provamel Organic Soya Cream

With Wimbledon now upon us, it is definitely strawberries and cream time. Being dairy and lactose free shouldn’t mean that you should miss out. So I am planning to try a variety of creams to have with my strawberries. I have traditionally opted for soya cream as a sweet treat or in cooking so I decided to see what soya creams I could easily find. I came across this organic soya cream by Provamel so I thought I would give it s try. It is UHT and comes in a 253ml carton. The packaging is simple with a white background and pictures of fruit cascading into cream. It is marketed as being naturally lactose and gluten free and suitable for vegans. A 100g serving contains 189 calories, 17.6g of fat, 2.1g of sugar and 9.014g of salt.
To open the carton you have to unscrew a little cap on the top. I liked this feature as it was easy to teasel and meant no accidental spills. I sniffed the carton once open and couldn’t sense any aroma being emitted. I poured the cream into a bowl and was surprised by its consistency it was of a medium thickness. I expected it to be fairly runny and personally preferred the thicker consistency. On the packaging it goes state it can be whipped, which can be problematic with some dairy free creams. It was cream in colour and I was still unable to smell an aroma. I found it really hard to describe the taste of this cream, it had a faint nutty taste to it, but this was minimal and I personally found it more palatable compared to other creams. I loved its thicker and smooth consistency.
I found myself adding more to the bowl and eating alone. Now that is something I never normally do as I still struggle to have cream due to the psychological association of it making me sick. I have yet to try the cream whipped in cooking, but plan to. So thank you Provamel for producing a nice thoroughly enjoyable organic soya cream. So if you are dairy / lactose free like me or follow a gluten free or vegan diet give this cream a try cold with some fresh fruit.

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