Review of Harney & Sons Master Tea Blenders Earl Grey Tea

I am always on the look out for new teas to try. Whilst in London this week I thought I would push the boat out and order a pot of earl grey tea. I personally find it’s a perfect tea to have milk free. It came in a nice silver teapot and looked very impressive. I looked inside the teapot and found a muslim style teabag. I was excited about the tea I was going to try although confess to being a little curious as I couldn’t smell smell any aroma coming from the teapot. I let the teabag infuse with the hot water for a few minutes.
I poured a little tea into the cup and it was as I would describe as a perfect brown colour. I took a little sip and was disappointed by its bland non descriptive flavour. I couldn’t taste any bergamot and it didn’t taste like an earl grey should. I left the teabag for a few more minutes and poured the tea into the cup again. The colour was pretty much the same and it still lacked any aroma. I sipped the tea again and it’s flavour hadn’t changed.
I was disappointed by this tea, it wasn’t cheap and it lacked any earl grey flavour or aroma. I am afraid that I wouldn’t recommend this tea and I have personally drank other brands of cheaper earl grey tea which have had a better aroma and flavour. Sorry Harney & Sons but this tea just wasn’t for me.

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