Review of Tesco’s Free From Brown Sauce

Well, my dad sent me a photo a while ago of the new free from brown sauce from Tesco’s that he got for my mum. I have been meaning to get some but I have to confess to being mainly a tomato ketchup person, so it has taken a little while. I like to have brown sauce mainly with a good old fashioned English breakfast or as part of a sausage sandwich. My mum, who is gluten free enjoyed the sauce and my dad who has no dietary restrictions, couldn’t believe how nice it was either. I didn’t let this cloud my judgement. So here’s my review of the sauce. The sauce comes in a simple clear plastic bottle that allows you to clearly be able to see the sauce inside. It has a plain label to the front with Tesco’s free from brand logo and 2 clear symbols and words stating it is gluten, wheat, dairy and milk free. The label on the back also states suitable for vegetarians. A 100g serving contains 105 calories, 0.3g of fat, 19.2g of sugar and 1.2g of salt.
On opening the bottle I was hit by the aroma of what I would describe as a rich brown sauce. The familiar smell that you get with other well known brands. This made me want to pour it onto to my plate and dive in. I squirted a little onto to my plate to enjoy with egg and bacon. The bottle was easy to squeeze sauce was easy to squirt onto the plate and control the size of it’s portion. It was a nice deep rich brown colour which was a medium thickness in consistency. Again I enjoyed the aroma coming from the sauce.
I tried a little of sauce neat, and was surprised by it’s taste it was slightly rich but not to overpowering and I felt that I could taste the different elements to the sauce. It did to me taste like a well known brand of brown sauce that I am used to having. I then tried it with my the rest of my breakfast, it worked as a great compliment to the bacon and egg. I even had it just with the brown bread, which I only normally do with ketchup.Well they do say mum knows best and she was right yet again. I also really enjoyed this sauce and am looking forward to having it as part of a sausage sandwich soon. If you are looking for a new brown sauce to try, why not give this a try. So thank you Tesco’s for making a nice free from brown sauce that can be enjoyed by those who follow a gluten, wheat, dairy and or milk free diet.

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