Review of Sainsbury’s Free From 5 Mini Chocolate Logs

I am always on the look out for new sweet treats to try. I was in the free from range section in Sainsbury’s and decided to try these because they were chocolate based. They immediately reminded me of the small yule logs you get at Christmas. Being free from they are marketed as dairy, gluten and wheat free. The packaging is in the same style as the rest of Sainsbury’s free from products. This’s being mainly green with a yellow stripe with a small see through window allowing you see part of the chocolate logs inside. Each slice contains 198 calories, 19.6 of fat, 17.8g of sugar and 0.09g of salt.
On opening the packaging you get a plastic tray with the mini logs inside. Each slice is deep brown in colour with a thick gooey looking icing layer to the top which has a sprinkling of iced sugar to the top. Under the top layer is a thick rich looking dense chocolate sponge. The slice just looks rich and very indgulgent.

On biting into the log I was first hit by the combination of textures. The thick icing layer to the top followed by the soft underneath. These logs defintley tasted chocolatey and we’re very rich and indulgent. The combination of textures from the slightly dry icing to the rich soft rich doughy sponge like consistency worked perfectly together. The log seemed to get stuck in my mouth because of its texture, but this was all part of the enjoyment. I really enjoyed these chocolate logs, from the combination of textures from the two layers to their rich texture. My only criticism is that I found them a little to rich. This may be because I don’t have a sweet tooth and tend to prefer savoury foods. So thank you Sainsbury’s for making a rich free from indulgent chocolate cake that those who follow a dairy and gluten free diet can enjoy.

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