Review of Marks & Spencer’s Raspberry Dessert Sauce

Well continuing on the tennis theme, I have being thinking of ways to enjoy dairy free versions of strawberries and cream. I thought I would have a quick and easy eaton mess. This one would be without any cream, cue the latest find from Marks & Spencer’s their raspberry dessert sauce. I thought it would be a quick and easy to enjoy it with strawberries and meringues. So here comes my review. It comes in a squeeze see through plastic container, I which you can see the deep rich red sauce inside. This looks highly inviting. This is combined with a label with an ice cream in a cone with the sauce drizzled on the top. A 100g contains 180 calories, 41.8g of sugar, and 0.08g of salt. It has no allergens highlighted and is labelled as being suitable for vegetarians.
On opening the bottle I gave it a quick sniff and was greeted by a sweet artificial smell that was a little hard to describe. I squeezed the sauce onto the corner of the bowl incase I didn’t like it. I found the sauce easy to squeeze out of the bottle, but was a little disappointed. I had hoped to squirt a little out at a time but it just came out in large blobs and it was also difficult to control the amount I wanted. The sauce itself was a deep red colour and I thought it had the consistency of a cheap jam rather that a sweet sauce.
I put a little of the sauce on a spoon to taste. I was very disappointed, it was very strong and overpowering in flavour, which I can only describe as a rich cheap jam. It tasted and looked highly artificial. I tried as part of my eaton mess, and I felt it spoilt this. I was glad that I had put on the side of my bowl so I didn’t have to have it with my strawberries and meringues. I even got my nephew to try the sauce for another opinion, especially as he likes most foods. He had a little on a teaspoon and said yuk. He didn’t like either the taste or consistency. it’s great to find a sweet sauce to have that people who follow a dairy, lactose free diet can have. Sorry, Marks & Spencer’s this one is not for me.

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