Review of The Originial Organic Creamy Oat Cream

Well with Wimbledon due to start it can only mean one thing, yep you’ve guessed it strawberries and cream. I thought I would use this as an excuse to try out some dairy / lactose free creams. So I thought I would give this cream by Oatly a try first. I have heard good things about it on social media sites, so was really looking forward to giving it a try. It comes in a 250ml brown carton which I loved. On the top it says wow no cow with the front having a picture of 2 cascading strawberries. A 100g serving contains 145 calories, 13g of fat, 3.5g of sugar and 0.1g of salt.
Although it is a UHT cream I placed it the fridge so that I could try it chilled. I poured it into a small bowl in which I was going to add berries and meringue to have an eton mess style treat. As it’s a low calorie treat a small serving with strawberries makes it a perfect sweet treat on my fasting day. When pouring the cream it was slightly runny and had a consistency like a single cream. It was cream in colour and lacked any real aroma. On placing a little cream on a spoon it was runny but not thin or watery. I felt that it tasted a little like a soya cream I have had previously with a subtle nuttiness to it. I personally thought this was strange as it was oat based cream. I thought it may have a hint oats and taste a little like flapjacks which I know sounds a little silly. That aside I really enjoyed this cream. It had the look and consistency of single cream. It’s pretty neutral taste with a hint if nuttiness was spot on. It worked well as part of the Eton mess. The meringues and fruit absorbed the cream and this changed their flavour slightly in a nice way. I have also read on social media sites that it makes a great element to both sweet and savoury dishes when cooked from scratch.
It was a nice sweet treat and I really enjoyed all the elements to this cream from its packaging, consistency and taste. I am looking forward to use it when cooking both sweet and savoury dishes. So if you follow a dairy, lactose, soya free diet, then give this cream a try I am sure you will enjoy, especially with strawberries. So thank you Oatly for producing a nice enjoyable alternative single cream.

2 thoughts on “Review of The Originial Organic Creamy Oat Cream

  1. oh man! thanks so much for this review. my son doesn’t particularly like to drink this oat milk—prefers rice—but this is a brilliant alternative to the coconut whipped topping i was making. THANKS!

    • Thanks for your kind comments. I hope that your son enjoys it. I didn’t really enjoy the milk and was surprised by this cream. I am looking forward to adding it to savoury dishes now.

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