A Happy Friday For Me

Well, it’s Friday which means it’s nearly the weekend, yeh 😀. I decided to take a days holiday to pop up and see my folks as I’ve not been able to do this for a while. As usual I have been spoilt rotten, starting with a fresh mini fruit platter and bacon and eggs for breakfast. This was followed by nice cups of tea and reading the papers. My sister and I then decided to take a last minute trip to the cinema to watch Mr Holmes for a lunch time showing. My sister enjoyed a Ben and Jerrys ice cream and popcorn. I knew the only option was for me to take some lunch with me as there is never any safe dairy free food for me. So it was a quick homemade baguette and crisps for me to snack on placed in my bag to enjoy during the film with a nice cup of earl grey tea.
Mr Holmes was brilliant and I totally recommend it if you get the chance to see it. I then got to be part of the school run and see my nephews new school followed by some quality time spent trying to play football. After being worn out I then got back to my parents to find that my dad had gone out shopping so that I could have a safe dairy and lactose free tea. It was a duck roast for tea.
I have had a wonderful day so far being with my family and am looking forward to catching up on some good old fashioned TV now. I hope that you have managed to have had a nice Friday too and are looking forward to a nice weekend.

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