Review of The Black Farmer 6 premium Pork & Onion Sausages

I recently did a post about the Black Farmer special edition pork and apple sausages. In this post I hoped that they would do a larger range of sausages as I had only ever seen and tried one other variety of their sausages. After the review of the special edition sausages was posted I discovered that The Black Farmer do indeed have a limited range of sausages. So of course I made it my mission to find and try these. I opted for the onion and chive sausages ones first. Now these sausages are marketed as being gluten free but are suitable for my dairy and lactose free diet as the only allergens highlighted are soya and sulphite. A 100g serving contains 265 calories, 21.8g of fat, 0.5g of sugar and 1.52g of salt.
On opening the packet I was greeted with what I would describe as the comforting aroma of Christmas. By this I mean a sage and onion smell that you get with the stuffing at Christmas. I have to confess I couldn’t wait to try them to find out if they tasted as good as their aroma. The sausages themselves look meaty in appearance, I know this may sound silly but some sausages I have tried don’t. To me they reminded of the quality sausages you can get from a good butchers. I decided to cook them in the oven as instructed, simply so that I could undertake other tasks whilst they were cooking. I turned the sausages half way through to try and get them eveningly cooked. On doing so the initial inviting aroma was still present but not as strong. Once cooked I removed the sausages from the oven, the great thing I noticed was there was greasy or fat try residual either on the sausages or in the cooking dish. We were having our sausages in a baguette for lunch, so they were cut in half to place in the baguette. The sausages were nice and crispy on the outside yet moist and very meeting looking inside with a hint of the onion and chives noted.
On biting into the sausages I got a nice subtle crunch from the crispy skin, this was followed by a nice meaty and moist inside. I could defintley taste both the onion and chive element to these sausages. This was subtle which was perfect as it didn’t overpower the flavour of the meat and added just the right amount of flavour to the sausages. I really enjoyed all of the elements of these sausages from the combination of the textures and the flavours too. They were defintley the nicest sausages I have had in a long time. My other half also really enjoyed them, so much so that he asked me what they were and could we have them again. Let me tell you that rarely occurs in my house, so future purchases of these sausage will be happening in the near future. So if you follow a gluten, dairy or lactose free diet, or just like a nice sausage, why not give these a try. They would be perfect part of any barbecue.

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