Review of Twinings Plummy Earl Grey Flavoured Tea

I decided I needed to top up my ever increasing collection, and fancied something slightly different. Now earl grey tea has long been a favourite of mine, especially Twinings. I saw this online and decided to give it a try. You get a lovely purple themed plastic reseable bag in which you can see the contents inside. There is a small picture of a pyramid teabag on the front with the description of a light, floral tea, with rich, juicy plum and dash of anise. On the back of the packet it is described as being a bergamot and plum flavour black tea. The listed ingredients are black tea, star anise, bergamot and plum flavourings.
It recommends letting the teabag brew for 3-5 minutes thereby allowing enough time for the plumb flavour to infuse with the rich dark tanginess of the star anise. It can be enjoyed with or without a splash of milk.
On opening the packet I was immediately greeted by the aroma of bergamot but this was overtaken I felt by a slightly artificial aroma of the plum. I struggled to smell the anise element to the teabags. I placed a pyramid teabag in a mug as instructed with the hot water and left to infuse for 4 minutes. This was through personal choice as being dairy and lactose free, I have all my tea without milk and I felt that if I left to infuse for 5 minutes it may be too strong. On infusing with the hot water I noted an aroma which I felt was slightly sweet and artificial. I thought this was mainly from the plum element of the tea. On sipping the tea, the taste matched it’s aroma. I personally felt that the plum element had the predominant taste to the tea, followed by the bergamot, I struggled to taste the anise element. I was a little disappointed if I am honest. I was expecting an predominately earl grey flavoured tea with a hint of plum and anise mixed in. I love Twinings earl grey tea and always have a large cup or mug of this with a slice of lemon and leave the teabag in with the hot water. I thought maybe I had left this teabag in too long and this caused the overpowering elements of the plum both in taste and aroma. I tried it again this time leaving the pyramid to infuse with the hot water for 3 minutes. This personally worked better for me. I still experienced the same aroma but the taste of the plum was weaker and I felt I could taste the bergamot element better. I am afraid that I found these teabags or should I say pyramids a little to strong and artificial in both aroma and flavour for me. It’s great to have alternative versions of earl grey, but sorry Twinnings this one wasn’t for me. I personally feel that if like me you have your tea milk free Twinings regular earl grey is a better option.

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