Suprise gift from my mum

Now a girl is never too old to receive a suprise present from her mum right. Well, that’s exactly what happened to me the other day. Now, I am known amongst both friends and family for being a bit of a tea guzzler. In fact in my house the wine collection is in the garage and the tea in the kitchen. My small collection of tea, just keeps on expanding, with the boxes taking up vital space. My mum decided to take pity on my other half and help me resolve some of this problem. She bought me a pink themed tea storage container. imageimageimage I loved it straight away. Firstly, because it was pink and secondly it was the perfect solution to my tea storage problem. It reminded me of a smaller version of the wooden tea chests I’ve seen on my travels. The ones where you peer inside to see a nice selection of teabags and have you make a decision of which one to have. So thanks mum for the perfect gift.

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