Review of Sainsbury’s Raspberry & Apple Infusion Tea

I have reviewed a few of Sainsbury’s teas recently on my blog and really enjoyed them. Sainsbury’s contacted me as a result and asked if I would like to receive some free samples to try. So of course I jumped at the chance. I received 3 sample packets of their tea to try, lemon & ginger infusion, raspberry & Apple infusion and their fair trade green tea with mint flavour. In the time that lapsed between me contacting Sainsbury’s to accept their free samples I had already written a further review of their lemon & ginger infusion tea and it had been published on my blog. Being fairly new to blogging and receiving free samples to try and review I know now to mention this in the future.
I decided to try and review the apple & raspberry infusion first. My initial impression was that I found the packaging really appealing, the warm red colours on the box, with a pretty teacup in the corner with pictures of raspberries and apples on it. One teabag in 200mls of hot water contains 5 calories. The teabags contain: Apple pulp (35%), hibiscus, rosehip, flavourings, Apple (7%), liquorice, and raspberry fibre (0.5%). On opening the box, I could smell the aroma of the raspberry which was sweet, but struggled to smell the apple. You can clearly see the difference elements of the tea in each teabag. On picking the teabag up I could definitely smell the raspberry element again, but struggled to sense the apple.
I infused the teabag in the hot water for the minimum of 3 minutes as instructed. Although personally with fruit and herbal teas I like to leave the teabag in the mug or cup most of the time. The hot water started to infuse with the teabag quickly with the hot water turning a nice red colour. On doing so I noted a nice aroma of the sweet raspberry combined with a subtle hint of apple.
I enjoyed the fruitiness of this tea, it was clearly evident on sipping it. The raspberry element was defintley the dominant ingredient but this worked well with the subtle hint of apple. It was spot on without it tasting too overpowering or artificial in taste. I found the tea to be nice a refreshing and at the same time a little soothing. I will be definitely buying some in the future for work to reduce my caffeine intake. Would I recommend that you try this, yes. It’s a good alternative tea to have if you have your tea milk free like me. Or if you don’t and fancy trying a caffeine free fruit tea.

Disclamier: Sainsbury’s kindly sent me these teabags as samples to try and review for my blog. No payments was received.

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