Review of The Black Farmer Special Edition 6 Pork Bramley Apple & Cider Sausages

Well I popped into my local Co-op on the way home on Friday to get some last minute tea. I fancied sausages for a change. I went straight to the relevant section and saw these sausages. Now my mum introduced me to Black Farmer sausages some time ago as she follows a gluten free diet. I was immediately drawn to the packaging and the wording special edition. I checked the ingredients on the back to check that they were suitable for my dairy and lactose free diet. Sure enough they were milk free. The only allergens listed were soya and sulphites. So that was my naughty tea sorted sausages, chips and beans, lovely. A 100g serving contains 220 calories, 14.6g of fat, 3.0g of sugar and 1.5g of salt.
I had three of these sausages for my tea. On opening the packet I was greeted by sausages that looked to have a high meat content and were a medium brown in colour. It was difficult to see that they were pork and Apple to be honest. I pooped them into the oven as instructed and they cooked nice and eveningly with a minimal amount of fat noted in the dish. They went a nice golden brown colour when cooked and were not greasy to touch at all. On cutting into the sausage you could clearly see the eveningly distributed apple chunks in between the meat. On biting into the sausages I got a nice meaty texture which was firm this was broken by the soft spring texture of small apple chunks. I found no grease or fat noted to the sausages. Now, I am fussy when it comes to my sausages and I like to be nice and meaty with the minimum of fat, so these were spot on for my personal taste and texture wise. If I am honest I was a little disappointed as I could see the apple pieces on biting into the sausages, but could not taste this element of the sausage. I thought it may add a sweeter element to the sausages.That said I felt that the overall meatiness of the sausages outweighed this. Would have these again, probably not purely because of the lack of apple flavouring. This doesn’t bother me because I really enjoy their normal sausages. I just hope that maybe they may extend their range to include other flavours in the future. Although I have been a little negative in this review I finished eating them quickly and forgot yo take a picture, so that just proves that overall I must have enjoyed them. So if you’re gluten free or dairy free like me give these special edition sausages a try.

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