Tea disaster at work

Ok I went away on my holidays to find several changes had happened in my absence at work. The main being a reduction of work space due people being relocated. Now I am known at work for liking a nice cup of tea. I have several small boxes of a variety if teas included black caffeinated, fruit and herbal teas. I take a pick of a tea often depending upon my mood at the time. Now due to office moves and relocation of people at work it resulted at any storage space being at a premium. Sadly, that meant there wasn’t room for my boxes of tea. So my work colleagues toke the teabags out of their boxes and put them into one tin. They did this with the best of intentions, even labelling it as my tea. Sadly, I had some strong mint teas and this has resulted in all if my other teabags being infused by them. Yes there is a lovely aroma of mint on opening the tin, but sadly the other teabag flavours have been spoilt. Now as the only real tea drinker at work this is hard to explain to my work colleagues especially as they meant well. I will finish the teabags in the tin and then perhaps seperate my teabags into small sealed bags so that I can enjoy my tea again.

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