Review of Country Kitchen 4 Crusty Batch Rolls

Well I found these on Ocado whilst looking for some part bake bread rolls to take on holiday. I have to apologise as this post has been a little delayed in its completion. I was lucky enough to visit Las Vegas earlier this year for a friends birthday. This meant a long haul flight, which often means disaster in terms of getting any safe food milk free food on the plane. Being prepared as always I got these. I decided to bake them on the day of departure to enjoy on the plane whilst everyone was tucking into their inflight meals. The packaging got my immediate attention as the rolls looked so tempting, nice and crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. Each roll contains 158 calories, 0.g of fat, 0.1g of salt, and 0.7g of sugar.
I followed the cooking instructions. The kitchen soon became filled with the aroma of fresh bread. On taking the rolls out of the oven, they looked just like the they did on the picture on the packaging. I let the rolls cool a little and touched the outside, they remained nice and crisp. I was so tempted that I had one there and then as an early lunch. It didn’t disappoint. On biting into the roll I got a nice crunch from the crust, this was then followed by the night light fluffy consistency in the middle. I was suitabily impressed. I wrapped the rest up in foil to take on my long trip. During the flight I had 2 of the rolls. I had individually wrapped them in foil. They remained nice and crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy inside. They hit the spot on my long journey and filled me up nicely. In the excitement of my holidays I forgot to take a picture, oops.
So in summary I will definitely be buying these agin. They have to be one of the nicest part bakes I have tried. So thank you to Country Kitchens Bakery for producing such nice rolls. So if you follow a dairy free / lactose free or vegan diet please give these a try. I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

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