Review of Lidl Deluxe Peri Peri Handcooked Potato Crisps

I am always on the look out for new crisps to try. I have previously tried and reviewed other crisps from Lidl and really enjoyed them. I had not come across the Peri Peri flavour and thought I would give the ingredients list a check, the only allergens listed in bold were wheat and barley. They were milk free, result I could give them a try. So of course they went straight into my shopping basket, to research them for my blog of course. It is also worth mentioning that they are suitable for vegans too.The packaging is a bright orange colour, with a picture of potatoes and the flavoured ingredients which make up the crisps. A 25g serving contains 122 calories, 6.3g of fat, 0.7g of sugar and 0.40g of salt.
On opening the packet I was not greeted from any aroma coming from the crisps. The crisps themselves were all of a good size. On picking up a crisp you could clearly see the flavouring, which was fairly eveningly distributed across most of the crisps. The crisps left no greasy residual on my fingers on taking them from the packet. On biting into them a nice strong crunch was noted, they appeared to taste quite mild, with a hint of peri peri noted. After eating a couple of crisps I was then hit with the delayed hot spice sensation coming from the tongue. This is to be expected with this flavour of crisp. If I am honest I needed a glass of water near by, but that’s just me.
I really enjoyed these crisps, the strong flavouring, combined with the nice crunch and no greasy fingers made them a big hit for me. So Thanks Lidl for producing a nice packet of crisps that I can enjoy as an occasional savoury treat.

2 thoughts on “Review of Lidl Deluxe Peri Peri Handcooked Potato Crisps

  1. We were in Lidl today and this brand of crisp is on special offer for 39p! I didn’t see this flavour, but I bought a bag of balsamic vinegar and one ready salted. Was quite tempted to have them for lunch but I took the sensible option and had something with vegetables in instead 🙂

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