Review of Lovemore Jammy Wheels Biscuits

Well at Christmas it is a family tradition to get a box of assorted biscuits, now one of the first biscuits that always gets eaten is the jammy dodger style biscuits. Now, I can’t have any of the biscuits in the box and never thought it would be possible to enjoy a jammy dodger. I have tried and reviewed previous biscuits from Lovemore, they are a brand of biscuits catering for the free from market. Now it just so happens that their version of a jammy dodger, the jammy wheels are gluten and wheat free but also dairy and milk free. result, I had to give these try. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect as they were gluten free and I am lucky to be able to eat food containing wheat / gluten. I have reviewed their other biscuits and am in love with their Oreo equivalents.their packaging is plain and simple with a picture of 2 of their biscuits on the front. Each biscuit has 64 calories, 3g of sugar, 0.8g of fat, and 0.016g of salt. On opening the packet the biscuits are divided into sections containing 2 biscuits. I was immediately drawn to their deep red jam centre, it looked so inviting and to me personally a little indulgent. The biscuits themselves are round and cream in colour and looked to be made from a crunchy biscuit. On bitting into the biscuit, I got the initial crunch and the biscuits then seemed to slightly melt in my mouth. This was then followed by the rich sticky jam in the centre. Oh and yes, I could taste the raspberry content of this. The combination of the crunchy and then melt in your mouth biscuit with the rich raspberry jam was heaven.
I couldn’t believe that they were gluten free. I have to say that they are one of the best biscuits I have eaten. I would highly recommend anyone who follows a dairy, lactose, milk, gluten, or wheat free diet gives these little gems a go. Yes, they may be a little more expensive than other regular biscuits you can buy, bit I personally think they are all worth it. My dilemma now is what do I have in my shopping these of their Oreo equivalent, maybe both but I am not sure I will get away with that ☺️.

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