Review of Sainsbury’s Lemon and Ginger Tea

I have to confess to not having this flavour of tea that frequently, although I know that I possibly should. I have been told by several people the benefits of drinking this tea. A work colleague introduced my to it several years ago, she loved it and thought it would be good to reduce my caffeine intake. I have to confess this was another brand, but it introduced me to a new tea that I would never have tried. The Sainsbury’s teabags come in a simple box which contains 20.
On opening the box I was immediately hit by the strong aroma of both lemon and ginger. I personally thought that it was a lot stronger than other brands I had tried. This aroma stays once the box had been opened. I wouldn’t describe as being a strong artificial smell. The minute I placed the teabag in the hot water changed a pale orange colour. The aroma from the teabag appeared to become more subtle, but I felt I could still smell both the lemon and ginger. On sipping the tea I could the combination of the flavours, again subtle but just right for me. I left the teabag in the mug until I had finished the tea. I have not been able to this with other brands as I have found them too strong and overpowering on my taste buds. Oh I must mention I got a warm soothing sensation in my stomach on drinking this tea which lasted for a few minutes.
I really enjoyed this tea and found it both refreshing and soothing. I would recommend anyone who follows a dairy, lactose or milk free diet and is looking to alternative to a black tea gives this a try. Infact anyone who wishes to try a herbal tea. Well done Sainsbury’s for producing another good herbal tea.

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