Review of Waitrose Essential Salt and Malt Vinegar Crisps

I tend to have plain or ready salted crisps as part of my packed lunch at work, but I felt like a change this week. I fancied salt and vinegar, many brands are not milk free and therefore not suitable for a dairy and or lactose free diet. These were so into my online shopping trolley they went. I have to confess to not waiting until Monday to try them, only to find that my other half had thought the same and already consumed a packet.
Each packet weighs 25g contains 134 calories, 8.1g of fat, 0.3g of sugar and 0.59g of salt. on opening the packet of crisps onto my plate with my sandwich I was immediately disappointed. They looked really greasy and fatty with clumps of flavouring. To be honest they looked pretty unappetising and not what I expected from Waitrose. I have put a photo below to try and illustrate this.
Despite this I thought that I must give them a try. My disappointment didn’t change. My fingers became very greasy, there was a crunch noted to the crisp on biting into it but that is the only positive thing I can say about these. I got a greasy residual in my mouth combined with an overpowering artificial taste of vinegar. I just couldn’t eat them. Funny enough my other half thought the same but didn’t say anything, until I had tried mine. He then got me another packet of crisps out of the cupboard for my lunch instead. Overall I was very disappointed with these crisps and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Sorry Waitrose but these are one of the worse crisps I have ever tried. I will not be having them again.

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