Review of Sainsbury’s Peppermint Tea

Ok so mint tea appears to be one of my favourite teas at the moment. I keep buying more brands to try, of course all in the name of research. So now it’s Sainsbury’s turn. I have recently tried a couple of their fruit and herbal teas and really enjoyed them. I purchased a small box of 20. The teabags come in a small simpley decorated green box.
On opening the box I got a nice pleasant but a weak aroma of peppermint. This appeared less subtle than other brands of mint tea that I have tried. I hoped that this meant it did not result in a tea that lacked flavour. Looking on the positive side as always at least it wasn’t a strong artificial smell. On placing the teabag in the hot water the feint aroma of mint slowly became slightly stronger. After a few minutes the hot water changed to the green / brown colour I expect from mint tea. I decided to keep the teabag in the mug whilst I drank the tea. To be honest it wasn’t the strongest of mint teas that I have drunk. I could definitely taste the peppermint on sipping the tea, I would perhaps give it a medium strength rating. I sadly didn’t get the warm soothing feeling in my tummy that I have experienced with other teas, but found it refreshing. As mentioned earlier I would rate this as a medium strength mint tea.
I would have it again and I think this will be at work as an alternative to my caffeinated teas. Would I recommend to other peeps who seek an alternative milk free tea be it herbal or a fruit tea, yes. It’s medium strength flavour means that it should suit most palates. I think it works well as an every day mint tea. In summary, I have had much nicer mint teas, but I have also had much worse. So it’s a middle of the road type of tea in my opinion.

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