Review of Tesco’s Sweet and Salted Popcorn

Since discovering it is possible to be dairy free and eat popcorn I have been keeping my eyes open to see what I can try. I found that sweet and salted popcorn can be a treat if you follow a dairy and of lactose free diet. This style of popcorn also appears to be available from a variety of companies with many appearing to be milk free. So today it was time try Tesco’s own branded version.
A 100g serving contains 494 calories, 25.4g of fat, 15.1g of sugar and 1.5g of salt. Now some popcorn I have seen has had a lower calorie content, but I guess that bit is all down to personal choice. I liked the pink girlie packaging with the images of popcorn and salt and sugar on the front and back. On opening the packet most of the kernals had popped. The popcorn itself seemed to either coated in a sweet or sugar coating but not both. My other half decided he wished to share the packet and had his half in a bowl. Whilst I decided to eat mine directly from the packaging. I couldn’t see what I was getting so it was always a nice suprise. I really enjoyed this popcorn and was pleasantly suprised about how nice it was. All of the popcorn had a good coating of either salt or sugar.
It was slightly crunchy to bite into and felt like I was eating fresh popcorn, except it was cold. It left my little fingers slightly sticky from the salt and sugar, but hey that just proved to me that there was a good quantity if coating on all of the popcorn. Will I be having this sweet treat again,definitely. Would I recommend to anyone who follows a dairy and or lactose free diet, yes. Well done Tesco’s for offering a lovely sweet and savoury popcorn.

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