Review of Starbucks Mint Tea

As we’ve been experiencing some lovely spring sunshine I thought I would stop on my travels and enjoy a nice cup of tea outside. I found myself at Starbucks and decided to opt for their mint tea as it is my tea of choice at the moment. I opted for their small size to takeaway. The teabag itself looked like it was made from a cotton style mesh and you could clearly see the tea leaves inside. On taking the lid of the cup I smelt a weak but subtle aroma of mint, what I would describe as peppermint. It took a few minutes for the tea to infuse with the hot water, changing it to a pale green colour.
On sipping the tea I was surprised that it tasted quiet weak even though the teabag was in the water still and had been for a few minutes. I would describe the tea as having a peppermint flavour which was subtle and not overpowering. After drinking the tea I experienced a nice soothing effect in my tummy which lasted a while. The tea tasted different to what I expected and was weaker than I had hoped. That said it hit the spot it was refreshing and had a nice soothing effect. Would I have this tea again, yes. So whether you follow a dairy and or lactose free diet or enjoy a milk free tea, why not give it a try.


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