Review of Tesco’s Extra Strong Tea Captain Scott’s Blend

Well I am still on my ongoing mission to review as many teas as possible. Being on holiday was the perfect time to kick start this part of my blog again. As a large family there were several teas to sample that we bought with us, were in the cottage or from having lots of cups of tea being out and about. Those of you that follow my blog are aware that all my tea is drunk without milk, even if it is dairy or lactose free. I would normally steer clear of strong black teas, because I personally feel that they can not be enjoyed week without milk. I thought it was time to update this theory and so thought I would give this tea a go.
On opening the box the tea bags are contained within foil packaging. There was no aroma noted which I have be accustomed to with other teas. I popped the tea in a mug and added the hot water. I infused the teabag with the water for around a minute as the hot water changed to a dark brown colour.
The tea itself was better than I had expected and worked well as a weak black tea. I found it pleasantly palatable and although not refreshing it got the spot nicely. I would have it again, but it wouldn’t be my first choice of tea. That said my dad says it works well as a proper builders strong tea, which it is what it is meant to be. He likes it and to be fair most of the time he is right about things.

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