Review of Kingsmill Soft Thick White Bread

On my plan to share my reviews of bread that is suitable for a dairy and or lactose free diet I discovered this bread and thought I would give it a try. The packaging reveals some of the slices of bread, which I personally felt looked artificially white as if the bread had been bleached. I often have seeded or granary bread but I did not let this put me off.
Each slice contains 105 calories, 0.9g of fat, 1.7g of sugar and 0.44g of salt. On taking the bread out the packaging the slices of bread were the artificial white colour they appeared to be in the packaging. It looked slightly dry and felt the same on touching a slice of the bread. There was no bounce noted which is what I personally expect from a slice of bread.
To be honest I didn’t fancy it as part of a sandwich, so opted to have it as toast. I like my toast light to medium done. When I toasted the bread it went hard and dry, there was no bounce left to the bread. On biting into the bread I found it dry and hard going and it lacked any real flavouring. I really didn’t enjoy this bread and won’t be having it again, sorry Kingsmill.

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