Review of Kellogg’s Frosties

When I am on holiday I like to have these as a little sweet treat for breakfast. I think they can be an occasional great part of breakfast as they can be easily enjoyed without milk. This makes them perfect for me as a person who follow as a dairy and lactose free diet. As many a time a suitable milk is not an available.
A 100g serving contains 375 calories, 0.6g of fat, 37g of sugar and 0.88g of salt. You can see the sweet sugar on each of the frosties, which in my opinion just says go on give me a try. The frosties themselves are nice and crunchy on biting into them, you get an immediate hit of the sugar. I know that this is perhaps a bad thing, but as an occasional sweet treat for breakfast why not.
I would say that if you are dairy and or lactose free and need a cereal without any then why not give these a try. That said they are also very nice with cold milk, the only difference difference being that I found them to go slightly soggy and they loose their nice crunch, but still very enjoyable. So go on if you fancy a naughty breakfast treat why not give these a try.

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