Review Marks & Spencers Peppermint Infusion Tea

On my quest to discover new teas I thought I would grab this box whilst in Marks & Spencers as I do enjoy a good cup of mint tea. I liked both the colour and the design of the box. I liked the colour and thought it was being calm and relaxing. Yes, I fell for the packaging yet again. Opening the box foil packaging is revealed in which the teabags are kept. I assume it is to keep them nice and fresh and keep their flavour. What did hit me on opening the file packaging was the strong aroma of mint. I would describe this is been pretty similar to that of an extra strong mint. I personally found this a little off putting as I found it a little overpowering.
On placing the teabag in the hot water the infusion of both colour and flavour occurred quiet quickly. The tea caused the hot water to go the typical brownie greenie colour I expected.
I left the teabag in for the recommended three minutes. I found that there was a subtle aroma of mint coming from tea, which I was unable to distinguish as being peppermint. On drinking the tea itself I could taste the subtle hint of peppermint to me this was just right as it fitted my expectation of not being either to strong or week. I didn’t get comforting feeling that I have experienced with other mint teas. That said I did find it a nice enjoyable cup of tea. Would I buy this tea again, yes I would and probably to drink at work.

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