Review of Twinings Peppermint Tea

I discovered this tea several years ago. After a good gym class I would often have a nice cup of tea and a treat to eat at my old gym. Being dairy and lactose free it would always have mine milk free. Feeling fit and healthy I would often ask what non caffeinated teabags were available. I got offered a variety of fruit and herbal teas. It was at this point that I got introduced to Twinings peppermint tea.
I would always ask for a large cup is all herbal teas to regardless of size had a fixed price. I discovered that the tea bag would infuse nicely into a large cup of hot water keeping its colour and taste. I was also able to leave the teabag in without the tea becoming too overpowering. The hot water turns to a green a brownie colour as the tea is infused with the hot water. This is a much nicer colour it sounds although it is hard to describe.
The teabags themselves have no obvious aroma noted once the tea has infused with the water. However, do not let this put you off. The tea its self is warm and refreshing, you can definitely taste the peppermint flavour. I personally find the flavour spot on its neither too strong and overpowering or to week that it tastes like dish water. As I drink it I get a warm sensation going from my mouth into my stomach. I would describe this as a warm comforting sensation which is soothing. Even if this is psychological I don’t care. I really enjoy this tea and have a box in my cupboard at all times. If you fancy trying a fruit or herbal tea I recommend that you give this one a try.

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