Review of Alpro Coconut Milk

I have to confess to discovering this a while ago, but forgot to finish my review to put it on my blog. For many years I have used soya milk both for the use on breakfast cereals and in cooking. With the development of new alternatives to cows milk becoming more freely available I thought it was about time that I became adventurous and sample some new varieties. I opted for coconut milk as I use a lot of coconut cream when cooking especially when making a home made curry. I found the packaging to be warm and opening and inviting. The way that the milk could be seen flowing out of the top of a coconut shell. I know, I fell for the marketing! Being UHT I just popped it in the cupboard for when needed, then transferred it into the fridge for safe keeping.
Each carton contains 1 litre of milk. A 100mls serving contains 20 calories, 0.9 of fat, 1.9 g of sugar and 0.13 g of salt and 120 mg of calcium. On pouring the milk into the glass it pretty much looked like cows milk to me. This initially put me off purely from a psychological aspect as cows milk makes me sick.
After putting my stupidity aside I decided to give it a try. I have to say I really enjoyed it. I could clearly taste the coconut. It was just the right amount of flavouring as it was not too strong and overpowering or too week that you couldn’t distinguish the coconut flavour in the milk. If I had to summarise the milk I would describe it as a watered down version of coconut cream. I have tried this milk on cereals, with porridge and cooking both sweet and savoury dishes and it has worked well. My favourite has to be as part of a hot drink, no not tea but hot chocolate, a great sweet treat. If you enjoy coconut and follow a dairy and lactose free diet you should definitely give this a try. Oh it’s also suitable for those individuals who follow a gluten and wheat free diet and it’s also suitable for vegans too. Well done to Alpro for producing another milk that I can enjoy.

21 thoughts on “Review of Alpro Coconut Milk

  1. Hello Chloe. Did you not find this ridiculously sweet? I use another brand of coconut milk – that is the only product they make, so in my opinion they have a greater knowledge and offer a more superior, versatile and tasty product 🙂

    • Hi, no I didn’t. However, I only tend to have a small serving. I normally prefer unsweetened milks in other varieties. I hope try some other dairy free milks soon.

  2. I recently bought a combination of almond milk and coconut milk. It separates when I put it in the bowl with my cereal. It tastes fine, but it doesn’t look good. I think the name is Breeze something.

    • Hi Marcella, thanks for your comments. The milk you tried sounds interesting, I’ve not come across a combination of the two milks before. It’s funny how some of the milks separate.

  3. I use coconut milk for making curries also. And I have discovered powdered coconut milk so that I can make up coconut milk or coconut cream to the amount and consistency required.

  4. I also find this too sweet but it helped my son adjust initially to dairy free milk. We now use oat milk (Oatly) for smoothies, adding to home-made cereal or porridge, and fresh unsweetened almond milk (Alpro) for tea and coffee (as it doesn’t split). Home-made almond milk is utterly sublime but too labour intensive to make all the time. We also tried hemp milk but found it too sweet, I think the addition of grape juice in many dairy free milks is not helpful.

    • Hi, I use different dairy free milks depending on what I am eating or drinking. I like unsweetened almond milk for breakfast and in smoothies. I must try Oatly in a smoothie. I don’t put any milk in my teas, but I understand that some can curdle. I tend to use soya milk when cooking. I have yet to try homemade almond milk but I should do. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, Chloe.

  5. Hi, I have a child with dairy free diet, she has severe dairy allergy, we use other brand for coconut milk, So Delicious, it taste better than any other brands I tried before, my daughter approved it too, and good for baking too

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my review. I’ve not tried So Delicious. I was not aware that you could get it in the UK. Thank you I shall give it a try, Chloe.

  6. I had to give up nut milks due to allergies. I don’t like drinking coconut milk but it’s great for cooking and baking. I do use it in my tea though. I am drinking silk chocolate soy milk. It’s ok- I don’t like plain soy milk.

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