Review of Kettle Chips Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Crisps

Apart from my favourite plain crisps, the next close favourite is salt and vinegar flavour. I can sometimes find it hard to find this flavour of crisps as many crisp labels often indicate that they contain or may contain milk or its derivatives. So I got excited when I found out I could have these. The front of the packaging is a nice bold blue with the wording hand cooked and absolutely nothing artificial written on it.
The Packet itself is a 150g. A 30g serving contains 151 calories, 8.5g of fat 0.4g of sugars and 0.6g of salt. The ingredients list was more extensive than I thought it would be bearing in mind that the label on the front states contains absolutely nothing artificial. On the back of the bag it states that allergens in the ingredients list are in bold, however nothing is listed in bold. The packaging also states that the crisps are suitable for vegans.
The crisps themselves were larger than what I would have expected in size. They were not greasy to touch which in my opinion is always a good thing. On biting into the crisps they were nice and crunchy and the balsamic vinegar was stronger in flavour than the sea salt. That said I really enjoyed the flavour and sensation of eating these crisps. They made a perfect addition to my lunch. I will definitely be purchasing these again. So if you follow a dairy and or lactose free diet, or you’re vegan why not give these a try.

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