Review of Marks & Spencers Sweet and Salty Popcorn

I was in the queue waiting to pay for my food in Marks & Spencer and fell for their marketing and added this to my basket. I had recently tried another sweet and savoury popcorn and really enjoyed it and so was looking forward to trying it. The packaging is warm and inviting it was as if it was saying go on give me a try.
A 28g portion contains 141 calories, 0.30g of salt and 4g of sugar. On opening the bag there was no obvious aroma coming from the bag. The popcorn looked fresh with only a few un popped kernels inside the bag. It was difficult to see the combination of both the sweet and savoury flavours on the popcorn. On biting into the popcorn, it didn’t really have the crunch that I had expected. The popcorn was more soft in texture than I had expected. To me it was like the texture that I would get when eating popcorn that had been open for a couple of days. The bag definitely was not damaged prior to opening it. Now onto the flavours! I was pretty disappointed. I found it to be bland, I was able to taste the savoury part of the combination of flavours. Sadly, I struggled to taste the sweetness. To be honest this wasn’t a surprise to me, as I could see little sugar on the popcorn.
I thought it was like eating a plain style of popcorn. I asked my other half to try it, in case I was wrong. He agreed with me. So instead we had the microwave popcorn from the cupboard. Sadly, I will not be purchasing this popcorn again.

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