Review of Knightsbridge Peppermint Tea from Lidl

On my quest to try a variety of teas I thought that I would give these peppermint teabags I found in Lidl. You can get a variety of both fruit and herbal teas in Lidl so hopefully I will slowly progress my way through their range. You get forty peppermint tea bags in a small box costing 99p. Now that’s quite a bargain if I might say so myself. On checking the ingredients on the back of the box each bag contains 100% peppermint. The instructions advise that you should leave the teabag to infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.
On opening the box I wasn’t hit by a fresh aroma of mint. This didn’t put me off and I hoped that perhaps the aroma would start to appear once the teabag infused with the water. The hot water took a while to change colour going the expected green / brown colour. On tasting the tea I was disappointed by the lack of both the mint flavour and aroma. It was pretty weak, bland and non descriptive. I then tried doubling up the teabag quantity to ascertain if this improved both the taste and aroma. It did a little but still I remained disappointed.
These teabags are bargain at 99p for 40. However, I wouldn’t personally recommend them as I felt that they lacked in both taste and aroma. I believe these are both important when enjoying a nice cup of tea. Sorry Lidl I won’t be be buying these again.

12 thoughts on “Review of Knightsbridge Peppermint Tea from Lidl

  1. I haven’t try this brand but the Lord Nelson peppermint tea really hits you with its aroma and it is very cheap as well. I would suggest that you try it ^^

  2. …Try Knightsbridge brand from Lidl – their Lemon and Ginger tea…if your a ginger lover then
    your going to like this one! The ginger is really strong and hot, great for colds or any time…
    Try it as a sweet drink cold straight out of the fridge too. I made a cup for someone and they
    went straight out the next day and brought a box, they loved it so much! Its just 89p for a
    box of 40 teabags

  3. I was visiting Milton Keynes last year…and I was taken to LIDL’s where I saw some peppermint tea bags and I bought 2 boxes containing 40 tea bags each for 99p…I thought it was cheap…but when I return home in Canada and I used the tea bags….I thaught they were great had the smell of peppermint and aroma….also has a great taste…I will recommend this tea bag to every one…good stuff….will check LIDL’s in USA to see if they carry them and the very berry…I am a tea lover…I have and loves to try others too….thanks..RM..

    • I am glad you enjoyed the tea bags. I guess it’s all down to personal choice. I much preferred the lemon and ginger tea bags. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read the post C 😊.

  4. Most of peppermint teas are enchanced by the addition of flavourings, I found this tea to be unassuming and genuine, with a true herb flavour without the enchancers . A true peppermint tea.

    • Hi, I’m glad that you enjoyed this tea sadly it just want for me. I totally understand what you are saying. I’ve had some wonderful peppermint teas that have had nothing extra added.

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