Review of Starry Thai Sky Skinny Licious Soup

I found myself ending up at Tesco’s the other night for an emergency stock up of groceries. At the end of chilled cabinets was a display of fresh chilled soups. It must’ve been the cold weather for some reason I was drawn to them. Most the time I don’t even look at the fresh soup section as the majority of soups are not suitable for my dietary needs. I picked up the pumpkin coconut cream soup with carrot coriander and ginger. The colour was very appealing and it looked nice and thick in consistency and just said try me. I hoped that being that it was made from coconut cream I may be able to give it a try. I looked at the ingredients on the back and the only allergen information was that it contained celery. I double checked the label and sure enough it appeared to be dairy and lactose free. So of course it went straight into my shopping basket. On getting home I still had to cook my tea. I was on a fasting day as part of my 5:2 diet and had 150 calories left to consume for that day. I had planned on making a quick vegan bologanise style tea substituted with courgette instead of pasta. However, on checking the packaging I noticed that it would be suitable to have as part of my fasting day.
A 100 g serving contains 32 calories,1.4g of fat 2.3g of sugar and 03 g of salt. With half the pot being 300g containing 96 calories. So you guessed it was soup for tea instead. On opening the pot of there was a nice aroma of coconuts with a subtle hint of ginger and coriander. As mentioned previously it was nice and vibrant in colour and looked thick in consistency. I measured out half of the pot and placed it in the microwave to heat as instructed. Once heated the aroma became even more noticeable in a nice way. I had it by itself although it would go very nicely with some fresh bread or some toast. It remained nice and thick in consistency . I was surprised being that it was a low calorie soup I thought it may become slightly runnier. On tasting the soup I could definitely taste the coconut cream and the sun hint of the carrot coriander and ginger combined. To be honest I couldn’t really taste the pumpkin it but that may just be my personal taste buds. I really enjoyed this soup on a cold winters day. It’s nice thick consistency that made it last slightly longer to eat and enjoy. I thought that this was a good thing on a fasting day. I definitely felt full and not deprived after eating this lovely soup. That said it is marketed as being suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I cannot see any obvious ingredients that indicates it would not be suitable for those following a dairy free, lactose free, gluten free and wheat free diet also. As mentioned earlier the only allergen indicated is that of celery. Oh and of course I would also recommend anyone on the 5:2 diet undertaking a fasting day try this as it’s certainly a great way to have a low calorie satisfying meal.
Will I be having this again definitely. Well done to Glorious Food for producing a hearty winter warming soup that can be enjoyed by a lot of people.

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