Hot drinks

I thought I would add an extra section to my blog about hot drinks. I’m well known amongst both my friends and family for being a bit if a tea guzzler. I drink all of my teas without milk it’s mainly because of a psychological reason. The thought of drinking milk in tea makes me feel queasy as cows milk makes me sick. I find it hard enough to have either a little soya, almond or coconut milk with my cereals in the morning. I have just about mastered the art of consuming hot chocolate although this has taken a lot of persuasion on my behalf. Firstly, trying it with soya and then almond milk. This is silly really as it can be a real treat on a cold winters day. So I thought this would be a prime opportunity to share my experiences and views on the black, green, herbal and fruit teas that I have tasted. I know that I am not the only person who drinks their tea without any milk. Both my mum and mother in law are do not follow a dairy free and lactose free diet and enjoy their tea without milk. So I hope you find this part of my blog informative.

2 thoughts on “Hot drinks

  1. I drink a lot of tea too – my daughter sells it, so I have access to some amazing flavours! I have even more dietary restrictions, so tea is one treat I can generally have without getting sick. No milk of any kind in mine either. 🙂
    (thanks for liking my blog post today)

    • Thanks for your comment. As my mum says, you can’t go wrong with a nice cup of tea. I am discovering so many nice new teas, I hope there are quiet a few that you can also enjoy.

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