Review of Sweet Chilli Kettle Baked Chips

I had to put the supermarket today with a work colleague to buy some lunch on the go. We ended up at Waitrose in their food to go section. I quickly grabbed a sandwich and checked that it was suitable my dietary needs, which it was. I couldn’t then decide what to have with my sandwich. I fancied something different from my usual crisps. I saw the Kettle baked chips in chilli flavour and the packaging looked very enticing. Being optimistic I checked the back of the packaging to see if it was suitable for a dairy and lactose free diet. To my surprise it was. I then picked up the punet of grapes and that was my lunch sorted.
Each packet weighs 25g. A 100g portion contains 396 calories, 8.7g of fat, 4.9g of sugar and 1.36g of salt. The packaging highlights that soy, soya and wheat are the allergens present.
On opening the packet I have to confess to being disappointed as most of the packet seem to be filled with air. I was aware that they were a low calorie option but expected a few more chips inside. The chips themselves were circular and mainly beige in colour with a slight red freckling. Sadly there was no aroma that appeared on opening the bag, which I expected. On biting into the chips there was a nice crunch was noted. I found them to be quite dry in texture and fairly bland in flavouring. I expected them to have a bit more of a kick in their flavouring being that they were chilli. On a positive note they were not greasy and didn’t leave any unpleasant residual in my mouth. Would I try these again probably not unless it was the only crisp style product available at the time.

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