Review of Morrison’s Mini Poppadoms crisps

While sitting at the computer today at work I was unable to stop my hunger pangs. I had nothing left in my pack up so there was only one thing to do which was to pop round the corner to the local Morrison’s. I got a few items which included fresh fruit of grapes and strawberries but I knew that deep down I also needed a bad snack, so I had a quick look around. I walked straight past the Pringles and found the aisle where the crisps were kept. I don’t generally shop in Morrison’s so I was unsure which crisps would be suitable for my dietary needs. I saw both prawn shells and crackers and preferred the prawn crackers as sometimes I can have these. Sadly,this was not the case for both items contained milk. Next two these were bacon rashes which I have to say I didn’t fancy and mini poppadoms. So I checked the ingredients and the mini poppadoms were suitable for my dietary requirements. So I thought I would give them a whirl.
The packet cost £1 for 70g. A 25g portion contains 141 calories,10g of fat,0.1 g of sugar and 0.8g of salt. The poppadoms were small in size and neutral in colour. They were not greasy to touch or eat. On biting into the poppadoms they had a nice crunch. To be honest it’s hard to describe the flavouring they were fairly neutral in taste and to me tasted like a normal ordinary size poppadom would.
I found them to be very moorish and had to make myself stop at half way through the packet as it would not long be time before I had my tea. Oh and going slightly off on a tangent I really like the packaging that poppadoms came in very girly. I will definitely buy these again if and when I have a shop in Morrison’s again.

One thought on “Review of Morrison’s Mini Poppadoms crisps

  1. Sainsbury’s sell poppadom crisps at a similar price (if you ever happen to be nearer a Sainsbury’s than Morrisons). I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the same manufacturer.

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