Review of Waitrose roast chicken and mayo sandwich

On going to make my ham sandwiches this morning I discovered that one bread had gone mouldy. I didn’t have time to pop to the supermarket so I found myself popping into a local petrol station on route to work. Luckily this had a Waitrose to go attached to it. The good news is that Waitrose stock ready made sandwiches which are suitable for a dairy and lactose free diet. Today the choice was limited to the roast chicken and mayo sandwich on malted bread. I checked that the ingredients were okay and quickly dashed to the checkout and paid for my sandwich before heading into the office.
Each packet contains 2 sandwiches which had 329 calories, 10.5 g of fat, 3.2 g of sugar and 1.05 g of salt. I found the bread to be fresh light and bouncy in texture on biting into the sandwich. There was a good quantity of chicken which was of a good quality intermixed with a good portion of mayonnaise which had anything hint of pepper flavouring to it.
Overall I enjoyed the simplicity of the flavouring of this sandwich and thought that it was a good quality and value for money. I would definitely buy another one again if I have to have another emergency pitstop to the garage for a sandwich in the future. Thank you Waitrose for producing a nice sandwich that is suitable for people who have a dairy and lactose free diet.

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