Lucy’s wedding and being dairy and lactose free.

Recently a close friend of mine Lucy got married. We have known each other for a long time and originally met at university. Whilst studying we would often have lunch and drinks at the bar. In the autumn and winter hot chocolate was often consumed with most of the girls having the deluxe version which came with whipped cream and a flake. Instead I would have my old faithful pot of tea which of course was much cheaper. As the years passed by Lucy and I would often meet up for a cup tea and a gossip. Lucy was always happy for me to choose a venue whereby I could have something safe to eat and drink. On my birthday it was not uncommon for Lucy to book afternoon tea for the both of us to enjoy always doublechecking with the venues that they had something suitable for me to eat. So when it came to both the hen and wedding days Lucy went the extra mile to ensure that I did not feel left out. On the hen do there was a large party of us who enjoyed a spa day. There were two special dietary requests one for a gluten free diet and me of course with dairy and lactose free. We all sat around a large table in anticipation for our lunch. The gluten free choice was pretty impressive. It was fresh sandwiches which looked to be of the Genius brand with freshly grated cheese and onion with the side serving of crisps and salad. I eagerly anticipated my sandwiches. To my disappointment mine soon arrived. I had been given the vegan option. Plain white bread which was slightly dry with green pesto filling with the tomatoes thrown in for luck. I had no side serving of crisps just an extra large portion of fairly plain salad to go with my sandwiches. The other girls in the party finished off the gluten free sandwiches and were surprised at how nice they tasted. I offered my sandwiches around but sadly there are no takers. On a positive note there was a large bowl of fruit on the table to be shared for desert. It just so happened my seat was directly in front of this. Everyone felt sorry for me so I got first dibs on the fruit. I then went back to locker room and consumed my emergency cereal bar. Lucy was apologetic about the food I have been given. I explained that it really wasn’t her fault and to be honest its not the first time we’ve been out and I have been given similar food. We laughed and remembered the time when we went out for afternoon tea I have been given both a vegan and gluten free option. A because I was dairy and lactose free and B because she was vegetarian. When it came to the wedding day we had to choose our main meal in advance. We chose our options and I put a note at the bottom of the card requesting my dairy and lactose free option. The wedding itself was wonderful. We then all headed back to the reception for canapés and photos prior to the wedding breakfast. The canapés were a no go for me but I had been warned of this in advance and didn’t I mind at all. On sitting at our table for the wedding breakfast we shared it with fellow guests from the hen party. Everyone reminded me of my delightful vegan sandwiches on the hen do and reassured me that Lucy of course and make sure that I would get excellent wedding breakfast meal. The waiters started to serve the meal main course. I was yet to receive mine but thought that I would be getting the same as everybody else. I had been advised in advance that it was suitable for my dietary requirements. To my surprise this was no longer the case. Both myself and the gluten free guest received a lovely dish of lightly poached salmon with mashed potato and vegetables. It was a total surprise and very enjoyable. Lucy had come up trumps for me. Then it was onto dessert time. The fellow guests at the table was trying to guess what I was going to have. Several joking Lucy had lined up a fresh bowl of fruit for me or if I was lucky I may get fruit salad. Everybody’s deserts had arrived hot crumble with either custard or cream and it looked lovely. I waited in anticipation from mine. I was given a large chocolate and orange torte. I have to confess I gave it straight back to the waiter and asked them to double check that it was actually suitable for a dairy and lactose free diet. The waiter promptly came back and inform me that it had been specially prepared for both the gluten and dairy /lactose free diet. I wanted to dive in straight away because it looked too good to be true. Yet I had a nagging doubt that actually I shouldn’t be having it and what happened if I became ill. My other half told me not to be so stupid and too jolly well enjoy it as it never normally happens that I get something so nice. It was a rich dense chocolatey torte with which had a nice subtle hint of orange to it. It was soo rich and heavy that I only managed to eat half of it. I wanted to take it home but sadly I didn’t have something to wrap it in. It seemed such a shame to waste it so my behalf finished it off and totally enjoyed it too. Later on that night when I finally managed to catch up with the bride and  I gave her a massive hug and kiss to say thank you so much for my wonderful dinner and desert. I have been to many weddings but this was by far the best food I’ve ever had. Lucy explained that she double checked with the caterers to make sure that I would be getting a nice main meal but more importantly a proper desert. I was a little emotional with the day anyway and have to confess to crying just slightly when she told me this. The wedding celebrations continued into the late hours. So that people didn’t flag hot snacks became available about 9 o’clock in the evening. Luckily for me Lucy yet again has come up trumps. Both the burgers, sausages and the rolls were dairy and lactose free. As for the sauce to go with it well it was good old fashioned Heinz tomato ketchup, top marks again Lucy. I have to say I totally enjoyed the mini sausages in the finger rolls and yes indeed it to keep me going till the early hours of the morning. There was one final extra treat which was the icing on the cake. There was a selection of pick and mix sweets to have next to the photo booth which I was also told was suitable for my dietary needs. Result I was in this corner with my little scoop adding a selection of sweets from various jars into my little pink bag to take away with me. I had a wonderful time at the wedding and can’t believe how lucky I am that a friend went out of her way to cater for my dietary needs. I hope to thank Lucy one day soon maybe with a posh afternoon tea. Oh and sorry I have no photos to go along with my blog. Sadly, my phone died earlier in the day getting carried away taking wedding pictures,oops.


  1. ChloéMarriault
    May 9, 2015 / 12:05 pm

    Very nice article!

  2. May 29, 2015 / 9:13 pm

    I totally feel your hen night food pain there. Since changing jobs I work away so much more and have learnt the hard way to take plenty of emergency food with me. One particular trip away I was so desperate for protein, as I was existing on fresh fruit and roasted veg, I was contemplating which was worst the hunger pains or potential allergic explosion! Other hotels have been totally amazing and I’ve even had a choice of milks and naked bars for me when everyone else is offered their ‘elevenses’.

    • May 29, 2015 / 9:29 pm

      It’s always best yo be prepared. I agree it can be pot luck when eating at a hotel. I always return food if not happy and unsure. Always best to be safe.

  3. digsdairyfree
    September 5, 2015 / 6:37 pm

    Thanks for sharing this, I can’t believe how difficult it can be for some restaurants to embrace dairy-free. I recently stayed in a very posh hotel (to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary) and gave them advance notice of my dietary requirements- I still got a Tesco bakewell tart with my afternoon tea! (They are very recognisable!). They got 0 for effort.

    • September 5, 2015 / 7:59 pm

      It’s sad sometimes even when you call advance what you get offered. I’ve never been given a Tesco’s Bakewell though, erm….

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