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A friend and I recently decided to undertake a mammoth Christmas shopping trip at Bluewater. For those of you that have not heard of Bluewater it is a large shopping more just outside London, UK. We arrived early as it was black Friday weekend. We had already decided in advance that the day would be more about drinking tea, eating cakes, lunch, diner and catching up. We also planned to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere as opposed to doing lots of Christmas shopping. We started the day with a nice cup of tea lots of gossiping and a little bit of shopping. We knew it was time for lunch as we were both hungry. We soon came across a small courtyard with restaurants. The first one being Byron burgers. I had read several good reviews with regard to Byron burgers via links on Twitter. All from other users that had food allergies or intolerances. I hoped that my friend would say let’s go for a burger. Having known my friend for many years the first question was Chloe is it safe for you to eat here ? I said yes, so we went in. We were greeted by two members of friendly staff. I informed them that I had a dairy and lactose free diet. Once at our table the duty manager sat down with us and provided me with an allergy information folder and went to the relevant section. This consisted of three pages which clearly labelled which food stuffs within the menu I could not have. They also said that if I had a other queries they would be more than happy to try and accommodate my needs. I was suitably impressed.
I chose the smoky burger with skinny fries and we shared a side order of green salad. The waiter even double checked that the ingredients within my chosen burger was suitable for my dietary requirements. The only item that would be omitted from my burger was the cheese. In addition to this I requested a peppermint tea and a jug of tap water to share. The burgers promptly arrived. I dived into my burger cutting the burger bun in half. It revealed a medium to well cooked burger with nice crisp mini onions on top and gherkins. My chilli barbecue sauce was placed in a pot to the side of my burger at the waiters recommendation as it had quite a kick to it. My french fries came in a silver bucket order. In addition to this I had a small ramekin dish of mayonnaise. Finally there was the salad which I would be sharing with my friend.
Biting into the burger bun revealed the burger. The meat was crispy on the outside whilst being moist and tender in the middle. It tasted just like eating a proper home made burger. It was cooked just how I liked it. Whilst the onions on top of the burger were nice crunchy with the gherkins balancing the crunchiness with their moistness. The burger bun itself was ok, I didn’t jump out as being fantastic to be honest I was just grateful to be able to enjoy it with my burger. The skinny fries which came with my burger and a side order were nice and crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy in the middle. I really enjoyed these and was pleased to have a choice to fries. To accompany my burger I chose both the mayonnaise and chilli BBQ sauce. The mayonnaise which was rich and creamy and totally indulgent, I struggled to finish it. As for the chilli barbecue sauce it definitely had a kick to it, and I am glad I had it on the side. The side salad consisted of fresh green salad leaves tomatoes, cucumber and their house dressing. The salad leaves were nice, fresh and crunchy as work the cucumbers potions whilst the tomatoes were nice and juicy.
Finally the refreshments to accompany my lunch. For whatever reason I’m not sure why I’ve opted for a fresh pepermint tea. I looked inside the teapot to see which brand a teabag is used. To my amazement there was no teabags but fresh mint leaves being being infused in the water. On pouring the tea out the aroma immediately hit me, it was nice fresh invigorating and inviting. It felt warm comforting and soothing to drink. In fact my friend asked to share it with me because the aroma was so inviting. It was the nicest mint tea I have ever drank.
In a snapshot I will definitely be going back to eat in this restaurant again. The staff were friendly polite very knowledgeable and accommodating of my dietary needs. The quality of both the burger and the side orders were excellent. If nothing else I would go back to Byron burgers just to have another wonderful cup of peppermint tea. I would highly recommend it to anybody who follows a dairy and all lactose free diet pops into a Byron burgers and gives it a try.

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