Review of Co-operative Smooth Brussels pâté

When Following a dairy and lactose free diet it can often be problematic when trying to find a pate as many contain dairy products. The other day I had a sudden desire to have pâté on toast. So I took a sneekie look in the chiller cabinet to see if it was possible to buy a suitable pate in my local Co-Operative. To my joy I was able to have their Brussels pâté so into my shopping basket it went. I couldn’t wait to get home and try some on some toast if nothing else just to fulfil the craving That I was experiencing. Each packet is 170g. A 43g serving contains 160 calories, 15g of fat and 0.8g of sugar.
I opened the packet to reveal a slab portion of what looked like smooth pate. With my toast done I was eager to spread it on to have a nice lunch of pâté on toast. On placing it on the toast it was nice and smooth and a medium brown in colour. I have to admit though to not enjoy enjoying the aroma of the pate as I spread it on my toast, which I find hard to describe. I didn’t let this put me off and with great anticipation I bit into my first slice of toast. I’m afraid I was a tad disappointed. It was bland in flavouring and certainly did not have the wow factor. To me it tasted like a very cheap value pate that lacked any specific flavouring and had a smooth but not a nice consistency. The pâté wasn’t cheap and so overall I was very disappointed and sadly will not be trying this pate again. Oh and no it did not fulfil my craving for pâté on toast.

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