Review of Marks & Spencer’s traditional coleslaw

I often enjoy home made coleslaw with salad as an accompaniment to my main meal. However on occasion it’s quite nice to treat yourself to the shop bought variety. Sadly this can prove to be difficult if you follow a dairy and lactose free diet. Recently on Twitter somebody asked the question if anybody know where they could recommend such a coleslaw to buy. The Marks & Spencer’s traditional coleslaw was one that was recommended in response to the question. I have enjoyed this coleslaw several times in the past I decided that write a review on my blog and share it with others. The coleslaw itself comes in two sizes sadly they had sold out of the large portion so I ended up purchasing smaller size. The packaging is simple yet inviting and you are able to say the contents of the pot.
The mayonnaise which forms a large large constituent of the coleslaw is nice thick and creamy both in appearance texture and flavour. The other two main ingredients of the coleslaw are white cabbage and carrots. On a personal note I feel because that would benefit from having a little more carrots in it. Both the cabbage and carrots have a nice crunch to them with their flavours working well in combination with the nice creamy mayonnaise. I love this mayonnaise and so far have not become bored of it. I would recommend to anybody who follows a dairy and a lactose free diet gives it a try. Well done Marks & Spencer for coming up trumps.

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