Review of co-operative hand cooked lightly salted crisps

My mum discovered these in her local Co Op as they were suitable for her gluten free diet. She really enjoyed them and recommended that I give them a try as they were also suitable for a dairy and lactose free diet. On a recent trip to my local Co Op I searched the aisles to see if I could find these crisps. To my delight there they were right next to the till, so they became a sneaky addition to my shopping basket.
A 100 g serving contains 505 calories, 27g of fat and 0g of sugar. I put a few on my plate to enjoy it with a sandwich for lunch. What can I say sometimes mum knows best. Each Crisp was of a good portion size and not greasy to touch. On biting into the crisps there was a nice loud crunch noted. The crisps had a subtle and very slight hint of saltiness flavour to them. They were dry but perfect in texture and left no greasy residual to either your mouth or fingers.
I found them slightly moorish and had to add an extra portion to my plate for my lunch. Overall I would say these are one of the nicest plain crisps that I have tried and I will definitely get some more as and when I pop into my local Co Op.

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