Review of Tesco’s free from apple crumble

I have to confess to be not being a regular shopper in Tesco’s. However on the occasions that I have to visit their stores I automatically look for their free from sections. I found myself going to the freezer section first and stumbled across their new apple crumble. Now being free from does not automatically mean that it is suitable for a dairy and or lactose free diet so I checked the label as always. Not only was it was gluten free it was also milk free. It was rude of me not to give it a try so into my shopping basket it went. My next decision was whether to have it with cream, ice cream,or custard. I opted for the Alpro custard so popped a couple into my shopping basket.
The apple crumble costs £1.50 and comes in a pack weighing 500g which serves four people. Each serving contains 318 calories, 12.9g of fat, 24.7g of sugar and 0.5 g of salt. On opening the packaging the crumble comes in a plastic container with a plastic film sleeve on top. All you need to do is remove the plastic film on the top and then pop into the oven and cook as instructed. On taking the crumble out of the oven I noticed that the crumble on top was of a good amount which was evenly distributed across the pudding. On placing a spoon into the desert to serve up the desert the apple underneath it was revealed. Again a good amount of apples of varying sizes was noted under the layer of crumble. Although the crumble states serves four my other half and myself managed to eat half each. Secretly I had hoped that he would choose not to have some and I could have it the next day but no such luck. To be honest I was surprised at how nice the apple crumble looked. There was a clear distinction between the apple below and the crumble topping. On biting into the crumble you got the distinct to textures from the two layers of the pudding. The crumble was nice and pleasant in texture whilst having a slight crunchy consistency to it. Whilst the apples were also nice and crunchy with a nice gooey gelatinous texture surrounding them.
To be honest if you did not tell anybody I bet they would not have guessed that it was a free from apple crumble. I enjoyed mine with a nice side serving of cold Alpro custard which made the perfect combination. I would like to say thank you to Tesco’s for producing a nice free from apple crumble that lots of people can hopefully enjoy. I would definitely recommend it and will definitely enjoy enjoy further apple crumbles in the future.

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