Review of Harrods hazelnut flavour hot chocolate

On a recent trip to London recently found ourselves Harrods food hall. Whilst the rest of my family were frantically trying to decide which cake to choose I automatically ended up in tea. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to any cakes so decided to treat myself to a nice tea. On the way I stumbled across a display of hot chocolate. My other half loves chocolate so I went to see if there is anything nice I could treat him to.To my amazement on checking the ingredients which is an automatic thing for me several varieties appeared to be suitable for a dairy free and lactose free diet. that was it I didn’t move I couldn’t quite believe my luck. There was the fact that I could actually have the chocolate and then that I have a couple of varieties choose from I just couldn’t believe it.I spent so long trying to decide the rest of my family had chosen their cakes and come back trying to find me. My mother-in-law helped me choose a tin eventually. We opted for the hazelnut flavour. Being Harrods obviously it wasn’t cheap. It was £9.99, however it was in a nice tin and my excuse was that even if I didn’t like it I had a nice tin to store other things.
Inside the tin is a sealed foil bag containing the hot chocolate. On opening the foil packaging you are hit by a nice aroma of sweet hot chocolate. Be honest I smell the hazelnut, although this didn’t matter as the aroma was so inviting. I make my hot chocolate with unsweetened almond milk. The instructions on the tin said to use four teaspoons of hot to add to milk. I only had three as I do not have a sweet tooth. The hot chocolate itself was dark and inviting in appearance. There was a nice chocolatey aroma in addition to this coming from cup.
On taking a sip of the hot chocolate I was immediately hit by a sweet chocolatey fix. To be honest I couldn’t really taste the hazelnut but this didn’t matter. I really enjoyed this hot chocolate. This is a very rich and designed for grown-ups, perfect on a winters day. I can’t wait to try the other hot chocolate flavours and have dropped several hints that maybe they might make a good stocking filler at Christmas. So fingers crossed I will be able to try the other flavours soon.

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