Review of Sainsbury’s savoury snack crackers

After my delightful discovery of Tesco’s snackers I thought I would look at other supermarkets to see if they had any of their equivalent to this. Sadly this may take some time as I do the majority of my shopping online with Ocado. Recently I have had to have a few emergency stops at Sainsbury’s. With this in mind I found the relevant shopping aisle and hunted to see if they did their own equivalent band. To make my delight they did they are called savoury snack crackers. Even better they are suitable for people who follow a dairy and lactose free diet. So of course I had to pick up the obligatory packet to take home and try.
Each packet is 200g. inside the box the crackers are in a plastic bag which helps keep them fresh as both the bag in the box can be folded over to stop the air getting in. Each cracker contains 16 cal 0.7 g of fat a trace of salt and 0.2 g of sugar.
Each cracker is round in shape with a slightly bumpy edge with seven small holes integrated into each biscuits. On biting into them I found that they were crunchy yet light in texture and had a subtle hint of the salty flavour to them. I found it hard to stop at one cracker. I enjoyed these and found them to be very moorish. I can imagine that they would be nice with either a dairyfree spread or pate. I would recommend that anybody who follows a dairy and all diary and lactose free diet tries these.

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