Review of the Vintage Tea Rooms Farnham Surrey and Being Dairy Free

We contacted the teashop prior to our visit to ensure that they could cater for somebody who had a dairy and lactose free diet. They said that they were able to cater for my needs, I was excited waiting to see what options were available for me. Sadly, the afternoon tea was not an option as no cake was available for me. The soup of the day also contained dairy so was not a viable option either. I was advised that I could choose from the menu of sandwiches and have either the brown or white bread and they would be adapted to my needs. I opted for the ham and mustard sandwich on white bread. The bread was nice and fresh and of a home-made quality with a nice crispy crust on the outside. The whole-grain mustard filling was nice though sadly they overcompensated with this I feel for the lack of butter and it was a little overpowering so I took some out of the sandwich and left it on the plate. There was a good quantity of what I call traditional old fashioned ham inside the sandwich. On the side of the sandwiches I had a small side portion of salad with a light dressing. This went nicely with the sandwiches. There was also the additional touch of plain crisps placed inside a small teacup on the plate alongside the sandwiches and salad. I opted to have the Earl Grey tea alongside my sandwich.
The lunch cost £5.50 for the sandwiches with the additional extra for the earl grey tea. The waiting staff were very polite and friendly and the teashop itself was very old fashioned and quaint. I am not sure that I would recommend it to other people who follow a dairy and lactose free diet due to the limited options available. If you are gluten free however there is a nice selection of homemade gluten free cakes.

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