Review of co-op free from chocolate brownies

Whilst in the co-op this week I happened to stumble across their new own branded free from section. So of course I had to check out what was available and see which items would accidentally drop into my shopping basket. So I opted for the chocolate brownies. Being free from they are dairy,gluten and wheat free. I thought these would be perfect to share with my mum, who has a gluten free diet.
In each box you get four small square chocolate brownies. Each cake is contains 130 calories, 7.5grams of fat and 10.6grams of sugar. The red symbols on the packaging alerted me to the fact that they would be very indulgent. The top of the brownie is slightly dry in appearance with the texture underneath looking moist and inviting. On biting into the brownie I got the initial crunch from the top of the cake followed by a nice moist texture from the cake underneath. Oh and not forgetting the slight crunch from the nice chocolate chunks that were interlaced with the chocolate sponge. The cake was nice and moist in texture.
Although the cakes are small I found them to be very rich in both flavour and consistency. I would definitely describe them as being very chocolatey in flavour, coming from both from the sponge and the chocolate chips themselves. I enjoyed these cakes. I liked the variance in texture from the top through to the bottom of the cake and the good quantity of chocolate chunks. I will definitely buy these again.

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